HEADLIGHT RESTORE Over time, headlights become cloudy due to the deterioration of a factory coating that is used to protect the outer shielding of plastic from the sun. The cloudiness gets worse over time and creates very poor lighting, potentially resulting in dangerous driving as your car's night vision becomes very limited. While there are many home remedies and kits from companies that claim to solve the cloudiness, our experience with these remedies have found that they're temporary at best. Additionally, having foggy headlights can result in a ticket. In the event of receiving a ticket, we will provide you official paperwork that you can present that will insure of professionally restored headlights.



•  We clean up all the oxidation that has caused the headlights to become cloudy

•  Then we polish the surface to make them clear again

•  We also apply a special coating to the headlights to prevent them from discoloring